Love is Art - Roll in the Hay Paint Kit

Posted: February 08, 2016
Love is Art - Roll in the Hay Paint Kit
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Actually it's more like a Roll in the Canvas Paint Kit. Love Is Art creator Jeremy Brown "has been making paintings during intimacy for over a decade," and now offers you and your favorite companion(s?) a kit with all the tools you'll need to express and preserve your love (brief period of mighty fine lust?) in the same way.

Forget dexterity with a brush or Sex Paint by Numbers. Love Is Art pieces are abstract statements of love. The sets include a large plastic sheet couples lay out on a flat surface, and top with a specially treated non-allergenic white cotton canvas. A 4-ounce bottle of black, non-toxic, washable paint dotted or streaked on the canvas, and then spread about in the most delightful of ways creates your finished metaphysical masterpiece. No skills...uh...no painting skills required.

The indistinct, Rorschach-esque look of the final black-on-white piece also makes putting your example of Love becoming Art on display a lot more palatable. No one will ever guess where it came from or how it was made. It will be you and your love's sexy secret.

Love Is Art kits also include disposable slippers so the two of you can creep to the shower for a sexy de-arting fest after your work on the painting comes to a finish.

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