Light-up Arcade Belt Buckles

Posted: November 14, 2015
Light-up Arcade Belt Buckles
$42 - $125
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All the sweet one-liners about paying to play, just a quarter for some action, and getting the high score you're thinking of right now? Get your mind above...well, not above the belt exactly. But above the area below the belt to the dead center of the belt itself, where you'll enjoy the view of these light-up arcade belt buckles nearly as much as the sexual innuendo they inspire.

Buckles are made from genuine arcade parts, and replicate the exact look of the machines when their lights are flicked on. The blue buckle is a rare Wells Gardner / Coin Controls button, and maker if Industries has only one available at the moment, which is why it costs 3 times as much as the others.

Note that listings are for buckles only; they do not come with belts.

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