Les Frites Bustier

Posted: January 24, 2013
Les Frites Bustier

This seems like a bad idea. When I see a plate of fries that isn't mine, I instantly begin salivating, fighting the urge to grab a handful and shove them in my mouth. I can't image seeing a rack of fries that isn't mine would prompt behavior much different. So a word of warning to the ladies who wear Jillian Ouellette's Les Frites Bustier: You tempt fate, my fair friends, you tempt fate.

The bra top that should obviously be worn as a top and not a bra (i.e., on the outside, not the inside) has a front cotton bust printed with shockingly realistic imagery of mankind's most delectable treatment of the potato. Skinned, slivered, and deep-fat-fried? Yes, please. It is also lined with cotton, and for those who like their french fries a little more...seasoned...Ouellette will add padding to the bustier for an additional fee. Rear enclosures are of the hook and eye variety, and the bra's elastic back allows up to 2 extra inches of stretch. Sizes run from S to XL. Visit Ouellette's Etsy listing if you want to know whose boobies qualify as S and whose as XL. I don't pass that kind of judgment here.

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