Legend of Zelda Proposal Chest

Posted: February 04, 2017
Legend of Zelda Proposal Chest
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Hello, Link cosplayers, geeky romantics, and dudes interested in easing the reality of what a certain question means with a clever, creative, 8-bit way of popping it. Candace Phillips, through her shop AFK for Cosplay handmakes every Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Proposal Chest from stained, bug-resistant cedar. Bug-resistant is good, you know, in case you drag your feet, get cold ones, or use them to run far away from the black-hearted woman you thought you wanted to marry, but turns out her heart is, like, black, and you need to save the Zelda Proposal Chest for someone whose heart is a normal red like the engagement ring box inside it.

Speaking of which, Phillips also custom makes the heart container from wood. It's removable, as is the stand it sits on, so you can use the chest for storage of actual things, such as the giant pile of bills from your wedding ceremony and reception, once your Hyrulian proposal is complete.

One more Zelda easter egg in the chest: when the lid opens it plays LoZ music. Check it out.

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