HUBOPTIC Equalizer Masks

Posted: August 26, 2014
$69 - $385
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HUBOPTIC creator Jorge Pong has a few ideas for your next DJing gig. Or EDM show. Or killer robot with a soft spot for a heavy bass line costume. His electroluminescent equalizer masks come in both half- and full-face styles, plus about 2 dozen different designs and color combinations. All are fitted with spiffily placed LED lights that rock out as soon as the beat kicks up. You can see the HUBOPTIC Robot Mask EQ II in action beginning at 1:45 in the above video.

All of Pong's HUBOPTIC masks are handmade to order, with a 4- to 5-day turnaround time. Most take AAA and/or 9V batteries. He notes they may not power the masks for more than 30 minutes because the LEDs and equalizer designs require a lot of energy and ultimately suck the life out of the batteries quickly. Huh. Kind of like every job I've ever had has done to me.

Except this one, of course.

HUBOPTIC equalizer masks are a top Dude Gift for a Party and Gift for Halloween pick.

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