Posted: April 29, 2019
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Really, no one made a vertical Hoverpen before now? Seems like creating objects that magically levitate (i.e., doing clever things with a magnetic field) went almost as viral as making fidget toys there for a year or so. And with the Hoverpen, Shanpo is sort of doing both. Their writing instrument / desktop toy is a vertically standing pen that can also wobble and bob, spin in place, and give a satisfying snap! with its fully magnetic cap. But is a "world's first" hovering pen fidget toy hitting crowdfunding in Spring 2019 coming in a little late to the float'n'fiddle party?

Yeah, maybe. But at printing the Hoverpen still had 380+ backers and over $35K pledged towards a $5K funding goal, so it seems there are enough to people out there who dig the optical illusion of defying gravity enough to purchase it for display on their desk.

And as far as hovering objects go, at least the Hoverpen is useful. And nice looking. Shanpo is making the pen in a choice of aluminum or titanium, the former in matter or shine finishes, and the latter in a smudge-resistant matte. Pens will come with a premium Swiss-made ballpoint cartridge and 1 refill, but can reload with any Cross brand ink.

If you like what the Hoverpen is floating, you can pledge for one on Kickstarter through May 26, 2019.

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