"Hold Me, Aliens" Coat

Posted: September 07, 2012
Hold Me, Aliens Coat
  • Hold Me, Aliens Coat
  • Hold Me, Aliens Coat
  • Hold Me, Aliens Coat

Well, maybe it's just called the "Hold Me" coat, but this bizarrre gem from Si Chan's fall collection of handsy fashion looks like a line of little green men flanking the zipper--and the wearer's torso--to me. Chan explains his line of spooning upper extremities is intended to illustrate the (dis)connection between people, and the resultant loneliness they may feel. Whoa, heady stuff, dude. I kind of think the Hold Me Coat represents another weird piece of haute couture weirdness that would happen to make a pretty sick costume in cities where it's cold as a well digger's asshole on Halloween or during Comic Cons.

Chan fabricated 6 pieces total, though none of the others spoke to and beckoned me aboard their spaceship quite like the emerald hugasaurus. Or maybe it was the intense gaze of the Jheri-curly-haired redhead (ouch, there's a follicular curse!) modeling the coat that beckoned me. Either way, I seem to have lost the last 18 hours of my life and...uh oh. I'm feeling some discomfort in my southern regions. Do you think...excuse me. I need to go check for an anal probe.

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