Hatching Dragon Candle

Posted: May 31, 2016
Hatching Dragon Candle
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We've always known that out of the dragon's mouth comes the fire. Now, thanks to a particularly acid-washed, acid-tongued Mother, we also know it's possible that out of the fire's mouth come the dragons. So here's a candle that does dragons, Daenerys-style.

Firebox's worldwide exclusive launch of the Hatching Dragon Candle brings us waxen versions of the scaled eggs Game of Thrones has made so famous. Burn their wicks and watch them slowly melt-hatch away to reveal a porcelain baby dragon. Or buy them in sets of three, start wrapping them up for wedding season, and let's all see what "porcelain" becomes in the hands of the right new bride. (No, you don't have to send back the stallion's heart; just let your friend Cornelius give it as his gift.)

Unlike in the Game of Thrones series, these Hatching Dragon Candle eggs are all golden in color. The dragons inside, however, will emerge either red, green, or black, but you won't find out which until the flames reveal them.

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