Gift Wrap My Face Personalized Gift Wrap

Posted: October 10, 2021
Gift Wrap My Face Personalized Gift Wrap
$18.99 - $24.99
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With Gift Wrap My Face personalized gift wrap on the outside, there's really no need to give them anything but an empty box on the inside*. It's the same idea as The medium is the message: the present is the presentation.

And to make it an even more stellar gift of gift wrap, make sure the face custom imposed on the wrapping paper's superheroes, elves, Christmas trees, or festive background is yours, not theirs!

Or, you could wrap up the wrapping paper itself as the gift. No matter whose face you ask Gift Wrap My Face to use in decorating a roll of birthday, celebration, or holiday wrapping paper, it's sure to be the most coveted trade at this year's White Elephant party.

*The Gift of Nothing would be a fun interior to a personalized gift wrap gag too.

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