Flowered Fishnet Stockings

Posted: May 10, 2017
Flowered Fishnet Tights
$109.99 - $349.89
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My girlfriend says Lirika Matoshi's fishnets, handmade stockings with intricate flowers and other ethereal-nature-fairy elements woven in, are works of art. Yeah, I can see that. But what I mostly see is that the tights are fishnets. And flowers. And legs. Oh my. I don't think this fashion is from Kansas, Toto.

Nope. It's from New York City, where Matoshi makes and sells her tights, along with handmade socks, gloves, headpieces, and chokers. Chokers? Yes, please, She-Ra: Princess of Power! Get one of those too! There are dozens of hot & sexy and sweet & innocent (which are still hot & sexy) styles to choose from, and it seems Matoshi releases new designs pretty often.

The embellished fishnets don't come cheap, but if you're looking for an Oh My gift for your girlfriend you'll get as much pleasure from as she does, they're probably a couple hundos well spent.

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