FEBO - Draw with the Sun

Posted: December 28, 2016
$44 - $97
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FEBO is your paintbrush, the sun is your watercolor. Your acrylic. Your oil. Well, no. Really still just a big ball of fire, but now your big ball of fire. The clever FEBO design magnifies and focuses the sun's rays such that you can use them as "paint" and burn stenciled or freehand drawings into a variety of canvases. FEBO is a simple tool that harnesses a powerful source so all you artists, hobbyists, and dudes who used to roast ants on the sidewalk with your grandpa's reading glasses can create your very own collection of pyrographic art.

FEBO consists of a wooden body fitted with a magnifying glass, both of which the company says are "precisely calibrated in order to immediately focus the sun's rays once you place FEBO on the object of your choice." The tool, available in a variety of natural woods, should be comfortable to hold and easy to maneuver, whether you have the skill and steadiness to sun-sketch a grizzly bear freehand, or need some of FEBO's stencils as guides.

FEBO can burn etchings into wood, plywood, cork, leather, or cardboard. To use it, position yourself with the sun is behind your back, and tilt the canvas perpendicularly to it. Remove the safety filter and let the lens begin absorbing rays as you trace and imprint their effect. Stroke density will depend on weather conditions; FEBO notes that "every cloud will produce a different kind of trace."

Be sure to wear sunglasses whenever you're drawing with FEBO. A rollable pair is included with purchase.

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