Edible Greeting Cards

Posted: January 28, 2015
Edible Greeting Cards
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Although these edible greeting cards look a little girly, I am willing to overlook that trait on account of the fact that I can eat them, thereby destroying any evidence I ever received one. Also, I do love me some 100% certified-organic blueberries grown in Washington State.

Eat the Fine Print is a company of tree-free paper advocates who know that 90% of greeting cards people receive go straight from their envelopes to the trash, with no more than a brief pause to politely chuckle or awww at the witticism or gushy line inside, invariably written by a faceless someone other than the giver. So instead of tossing your cards and contributing to the systematic destruction of planet Earth, Eat the Fine Print encourages mowing on them, and contributing to the systematic destruction of the 3:00 munchies.

Greeting cards are available in 6 styles and flavors, including blueberry, strawberry, sweet lime, and orange sorbet. Each edible Fine Print also includes an inedible personal message page so recipients aren't forced to consume toxic ink along with their antioxidant-rich berries. Cards are hand-crafted in Washington and contain the following ingredients: potato starch; water; palm oil; organic fruit extract; sucralose; and food coloring.

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