DIY Retro Computer Papercraft Models

Posted: December 05, 2022
DIY Retro Computer Papercraft Models
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This DIY Retro Computer Papercraft Models from Rocky Bergen are fan-frickin'-tastic! And, available as printable downloads, they're also all fan-frickin'-free! A papercraft Commodore 65. A cardboard model of an IBM 5150. A homemade, completely useless Apple Lisa! (Which isn't all that different from the completely useless one Apple made!) All lined up on the dining table during building, and then proudly displayed on the living room bookshelf when they're done. Can you think of a better gift for Dad?

Heh. Mom can. That's why I'm not including Bergen's DIY Retro Computer Papercraft Models in my collection of Mom-approved gifts for Dad this year. The only thing she'd like about old-ass fake computers junking up her house is their price.

At printing, Bergen had about 20 techie papercraft model downloads to choose from. Most are retro computers, but there are also a couple nostalgic gaming consoles, and a sweet Conion C-100F ghetto blaster.

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