Dick Brake Light Prank Decal

Posted: August 10, 2022
Dick Brake Light Prank Decal
$5 - $8.70
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I brake for dicks. No wait, you brake for dicks. At least once I've secured a couple of Dick Brake Light Prank Decals onto those wee red covers on the back of your car. And by you, I mean my friend Cornelius, because he is my favorite dude to gag...especially with a dick...and furthermore, I would never do such a thing to you.

These Dick Brake Light Prank Decal come (hard! <-- Sometimes I can resist, sometimes I cannot) from Living It Digital, who prints them on adhesive vinyl suitable for laptops, phones, mirrors, and windows, in addition to vehicle brake light covers. Dick-errific decals are sold singly, and available in 3", 4", and 5" lengths. You can also choose from solid or outlined penis styles.

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