Calligraphuck Profane Greeting Cards

Posted: September 02, 2012
Calligraphuck Profane Greeting Cards
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What do you get when you add two parts graphic designer to one part comedian? According to Linus Boman, the answer is Calligraphuck. Boman's brainchild, Calligraphuck Profane Greeting Cards, combines famed flourishes of the hand with juicy flourishes of the mouth for the debut of an unforgettable line of well wishes...and suggestions of where to rot.

Beatific handscript given life by a letterpress relays to beloved recipients heartfelt sentiments, including, "You're Fucking Awesome", "Congratufuckinglations", "Happy Fucking Birthday", and "You Magnificent Fucking Bastard." That's the Calligraphuck Cheeky Collection. For those less revered, Boman also created a Nasty Collection, which delivers messages such as, "Salutations Motherfucker," "Oh my fucking God shut the fuck up," "Fuck that Shit," and the eternally useful "Fuck You."

Equally, if not more notable, the Calligraphuck collection also includes a...are you ready?...Sriracha T-shirt. The ubiquitous rooster bottle appears on a white background, doling out in elaborate, fiery chili red, the words "Motherfucking Awesomesauce."

The Calligraphuck line runs as an Indiegogo project through September 4, 2012. It has well exceeded its initial funding goal of $5,000, but if Boman is able to reach $10,000, he will produce his full collection of 8 designs, as opposed to just 4. (If the $10,000 goal is not reached, backers will be able to vote on the 4 designs they want to see hit first-run production). Support levels of $25 return a choice of either 4 letterpressed Calligraphuck cards, with accompanying bespoke string & button envelopes, or the Sriracha T-shirt, a limited edition creation. Those who pledge $50 will receive both the set of cards and the T-shirt.

Check out additional pledge level options, as well as more of Boman's crude meanderings, on his Indiegogo page.

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