Beast Tissue Dispensers

Posted: March 10, 2014
Beast Tissue Holders
$12.99 - $45
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As some of you may know, tissues provide an alternative to blowing snot rockets or using your sleeve when you have clogged nostrils. Typically they are not worth seeking out, especially if doing so requires standing up or walking into another room, but these whimsical beasts designed to hold your Kleenex and Puffs Plus boxes might make the additional effort worth it.

From Etsy shop Sparkly Pony comes a series of wooden whales, elephants, rabbits, horses, and, best of all, a stegosaurus, to store and dispense otherwise unremarkable boxes of tissue. Available in the nose blower's choice of colors, each beast has been cut, sanded, painted, and assembled by hand. Two coats of glossy latex paint endow the holders with their designers' Sparkly namesake, and also make them easy to wipe free of germs from grubby, snot-encrusted fingers.

Each beast tissue dispenser is stamped, dated, signed, and numbered with its order of purchase.

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