Your Face Mask

Posted: October 13, 2013
Someone Else's Face Mask

Your face. Your buddy's face. Your mom's face. Angelina Jolie's face. ThatsMyFace.com can make any of them for your creeptastic wearing pleasure. They can also make them for your creeptastic wall-mounting or refrigerator-magneting pleasures. Admittedly, carbon copied faces don't come cheap, but hey, what is money when it comes to Halloween, masquerade balls, and the opportunity to scar my friend Cornelius for life by waking him up after a mega-bender in his own Stepford-esque likeness?

Custom face masks are crafted from your submitted photos of their subject. After ThatsMyFace.com renders a 3D image of the face, they will send you a preview for approval, and then get to manufacturing your preferred inanimate bizarro twin as a movable, breathable, seeable mask.

Alternatively, you can opt to preserve a face for eternity as a hardened life-size or miniature "art installation" or, even better, a personalized action figure.

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