Ultra-Realistic Orangutan Costume

Posted: October 24, 2021
Ultra-Realistic Orangutan Costume
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The ultra-realistic Orangutan Costume looks like an outstanding choice for Halloween. Or, like, life, if you're craving something different. Because, as they say, in today's world, if you're tired of being a software engineer, you can go back to school and completely change your career. Become a lawyer. Become a chef. Become a nurse. The same is true here. If you're tired of being a human, you can go to the internet and completely change your species. Become a shark. Become Groot. And, courtesy of MCS Dino, become an orangutan.

Or at least a human in an ultra-realistic Shark / Groot / Orangutan Costume.

Like the giant Ride-On T-Rex, the Orangutan Costume is another MCS Dino animatronic build, with moving eyes, mouth, and lips, and the ability to "knuckle walk." Sound effects are also included, but if you dudes are like this dude, you'll keep those off in favor of making your own.

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