Superhero Weighted Sensory Costume for Kids

Posted: September 24, 2021
Superhero Weighted Sensory Costume for Kids
$69.99 - $99.99
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This Superhero Weighted Sensory Costume is especially superhero suitable for the Halloween season upon us. But Dress Up to Calm Down's cape and velcro jumpsuit with integrated weights is intended as a fun and functional gift for kids who need help staying calm, feeling comfortable, and focusing any time of the year.

The costume builds upon (leaps a tall building with a single bound?) traditional children's sensory tools, such as weighted blankets and vests, with its more enticing, kid-friendly aesthetic. A superhero costume will still make littles who need deep pressure input to help with sensory processing stand out from the crowd, but this time maybe they'll think it's in a good way.

Superhero Weighted Sensory Costumes have a dual walled construction to stand up to the addition of weights. Weights are stored in pockets evenly distributed around the body of the costume. You can get a superhero suit with or without the weights; the former comes with weighted bags, 0.8 pounds apiece.

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