Superhero in a Box

Posted: April 11, 2012
Superhero in a Box
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Sapphire, satin, simplicity. Here lie the makings of a superhero fantasy. (And given the direction said fantasy is now surely headed, we would, uh, probably prefer not to hear about it in great detail.) This one-size-fits-all costume includes a cape, matching wristlets, and a black mask. That it's not modeled after a famed slayer of evil works to the wearer's advantage, as he or she will circumvent comparisons to the likes of Superman, Wonder Woman, Captain America, or Chuck Norris in the muscle-flexing, ass-kicking, and boom-booming departments.

Bonus Feature: the listing says the Superhero in a Box is suitable for ages 3+. So once it's satisfied your needs, you can hand it on down to the kids!

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