Squid Game Masks

Posted: October 06, 2021
Squid Game Masks
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Despite the bleak, dystopian vibe emanating from Squid Game's actual story and content, the costumes you can build from these Squid Game masks and either head-to-toe black, or a pink jumpsuit, make Netflix's Korean survival drama a goldmine of some of the easiest, coziest, and most COVID-friendly ideas for Halloween.

A quick retailer turnaround on Squid Game masks gives you the option of wearing a black geometric 3D mask and dressing up as the series' mysterious Front Man, or a perforated dome-style mask with a white circle, square, or triangle painted on the forehead to portray any of the game's other faceless cog-in-the-wheel staff members.

Joining the ranks of Robert Palmer Girls and Oompa Loompas, Squid Game masks are also great launching points for creating identical group costumes.

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