Spandex Black Cat Burglar Costume

Posted: January 25, 2012
Spandex Catwoman Costume

What's better than an inked Felicia Hardy prancing around, getting limber on your pages of The Amazing Spider-Man as the Black Cat? A real live girl (or boy--we aim to please all orientations) prancing around, getting limber on your lap as The Black Cat. Score your ticket to all kinds of...popular feline terms of endearment...with this custom-made miracle of spandex*. The costume includes a wet-look bodysuit, gloves, and boot covers, all with cream-colored faux fur trim, plus a metal tabbed collar. A $230 price tag is actually pretty reasonable given the hand-forging and personal tailoring involved. Sadly, neither the corset, nor the girl wearing it, come with the set, but the kinky latex mask and platinum wig can be added for $60 and $50 respectively.

*Remember: Spandex is a privilege, not a right. Please be considerate of wearer and, more importantly, potential spectators when making the decision to order.

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