Movie Quality Zombie Costume

Posted: October 12, 2014
Movie Quality Zombie Costume
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True, this walking dead costume doesn't look precisely like the Walking Dead costumes set to lumber across your TV screen tonight, but The Horror Dome's version is still pretty convincing with its movie quality gore and flesh-starved visual effects. All in all a well-executed, solid Level 7 Badass Zombie Costume.

The Zombie Walker set has been hand painted and hand haired by people with an inordinate amount of patience for tasks as horrifyingly tedious as their results are horrifyingly horrific. It comes with a Studio Quality chest and attached mask, plus Studio Quality zombie hands. The tattered tuxedo jacket is not included, which is fine since the only thing scarier than getting turned into a zombie is getting turned into a husband. Also, I plan to wear the costume au naturel anyway.

Au naturel with a cup and jock strap. Strangely, since I started working here I've found it's best not to leave my mama's house without a cup and jock strap.

The Movie Quality Zombie Costume is a top Dude Gift for Halloween pick.

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