Morphsuits Infrared Camera Halloween Costume

Posted: September 21, 2020
Morphsuits Infrared Camera Halloween Costume
$22.95 - $54.99
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All the colors of the rainbow, plus an optional wiener, unite in the Morphsuits Infrared Camera Halloween Costume. Morphsuits is a brand of the spandex full-body (and head!) skinsuits that have become popular in the costume world for their comfort and versatility in projecting everything from strangeness to spookiness to sexiness to humor. This infrared camera take on the body huggers should cover the last one...or two in that list. Depending on whether you choose the Censored or Uncensored version of the costume.

Morphsuits' Infrared Camera Halloween Costume comes in Large and XL sizes to accommodate height. Girth-wise the stretchy suits are one size fits most.

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