Miss Nessa Monster Suits

Posted: September 25, 2019
Miss Nessa Monster Suits
$135 - $295
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Vanessa Henerty sews the most adorable Monster Suits I've ever seen. Her Etsy shop, Miss Nessa Monster Suits, displays Henerty's handmade, onesie-style costumes that seem to be equally suitable for Halloween, bedtime, and scaring the ever loving unicorn poop out of folks on the beach and playground.

Sure, with the exception of Miss Nessa's Roadkill Bunny Rabbit, none of the Monster Suits are gruesome or particularly horrific, but if you bring the right body language and vocal acrobatics, I'm sure you could send at least a few kids home screaming.

All of the Monster Suits, including the Pterodactyl shown above, are made primarily with felt fashioned from recycled plastic bottles. They're all custom sewn based on your submitted measurements.

Pterodactyl Monster Suit wings have hand holes at the top for free movement, and can double as pockets. Using them as real wings and jumping off anything higher than you would without wings is not recommended.

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