LED Stickman Costumes

Posted: August 25, 2017
LED Stick Figure Costumes
$69.99 - $98
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Why wear a reflective vest when you can turn yourself into a giant glowing human stickman before heading out at night? Sure, they call this YouTube phenomenon made popular by Little "Glowy" Zoey a costume, but I don't see why the LED-emblazoned stick figure suit can't become your go-to running, tailgating, and bar hopping gear too. Especially as the nip and dusk of fall set in.

You can watch the videos in the gallery above to see an adult LED Stickman and the OG toddler Zoey get their remedial drawings on. In addition to forming a sweet design of 5 lines and a circle, the costume creates a flashlight effect around the wearer so it appears as if you're not just a stickman, but a stickman sent straight from heaven.

Stickman suites come in 2 pieces, with LED attachment straps, an LED light set, and battery box / controller. Depending on size, which ranges from toddler to adult XXL, you'll get between 150 and 190 LEDs to achieve the stick figure effect.

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