Laser Vortex Gloves

Posted: October 20, 2021
Laser Vortex Gloves
$125 - $270
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I look at these Laser Vortex Gloves from Light Up Clothing Store, and just one thing comes to mind: Cartman's about to get an anal probe*.

DJs, partiers, and aliens alike will dig holding a vortex in the palm of their hands while wearing these gloves. Each is fitted with one or more 450nm / 50mW lasers that produce intense spotlighting effects and beam-me-up circles wherever you point them. Light Up Clothing Store notes the vortexes appear best / most ominous when used where the fog machine is pumping, or in smoky environments. So, like, a festival or EDM show, or pretty much anywhere in California.

Laser Vortex Gloves are sold singly or as a set, and at printing Light Up Clothing Store had them available with red, green, blue, and some color combo lasers.

*South Park, Season 1, Episode 1. Debuted - can you believe it? - August 13, 1997.

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