Lady Deadpool Cosplay Costume

Posted: July 17, 2014
Lady Deadpool Cosplay Costume

Well this is a nice outfit. Even if it didn't reference the delightful Lady Deadpool, I think I would like to see my favorite barista wear it to make my morning masterpiece quadruple grande mocha with extra whipped cream and chocolate syrup...and sprinkles if you have them. Better, though, that it does represent the secret identity of Wanda Wilson since San Diego Comic-Con is on deck for next week, and the coffee shop has a Wear Your Favorite Cosplay Costume to Work Day in its honor.

Or at least maybe they will if I show up with Sabrina of SabraKadabra Fashion's handmade Lady Deadpool costume and tell them to.

Sabrina's take on Earth-3010 workwear includes a red and black Lycra spandex long sleeve romper with booty shorts and garter straps, a mask with a hole in the back to accommodate a ponytail, gloves, a belt with a thigh strap, and--the piece de resistance in my opinion--thigh-high boot covers. Lady Deadpool cosplay costumes come in standard sizes small, medium, and large. Sabrina will also make custom sizes according to buyers' measurements.

The Z is a top Dude Gift for a Woman pick, especially geeky women and those blessed with hot bodies but cursed with butter faces.

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