Inflatable Jetpack Costume

Posted: October 13, 2020
Inflatable Jetpack Costume
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The best part of the Jetpack Pick Me Up, an inflatable jetpack costume from Morph, is that it says "Acme Jetpack" on the side. Shout out to Looney Tunes!

And, no stamped-on written reference required, shout out to the Darwin Awards too.

The Jetpack Pick Me Up costume comes with an AA-battery-powered air pump that keeps the jet and the kiddo about to be incinerated inflated during wear. The costume's fiery exhaust, and clever hiding spot for the wearer's real legs, takes the form of a bunch of red, yellow, and orange plastic streamers.

While personal jetpacks are still readily available only in Halloween costume form, those who want to get a little closer to suiting up and flying the friendly skies can check out the water-based Flyboard.

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