Han Solo in Carbonite Inflatable Costume

Posted: September 08, 2018
Han Solo in Carbonite Inflatable Costume
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Find out exactly what it feels like to be carbon-frozen this Halloween with a Han Solo in Carbonite inflatable costume. Here's hoping the costume's 100% nylon construction will place you in the same type of non-lethal hibernation as carbon gas when you wear it!

A slightly new twist on an iconic Star Wars image, this Han Solo in Carbonite costume is ultra-lightweight thanks to its inflatable design and included keep-me-blown-up fan. The inflatable Carbonite panel is pretty much a raft, made to cover just the front of your body, and with 3 holes for your face and hands. A Han face mask and gray gloves also come with the costume. In addition to wrist- and head-mounting, the Han Solo in Carbonite effect stays in place with an adjustable nylon webbing strap that buckles at the waist.

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