Ghostbusters Slimer Mask

Posted: September 04, 2014
Ghostbusters Slimer Mask
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Where is he? Where's Slimer? Cornelius, do you see him? ... What, he's on my, what? He's...awww, sick, dude. Note to all: getting slimed with ectoplasm secretions from the world's most gluttonous ghost is way worse than getting a bucket of ice water dumped on your head. It is also worse than apple bobbing in a barrel of lube. I mean...I would guess.

More than a mask, more than a hat, and more than a mask with a hat this representation of the Ghostbusters' Little Spud ventures into full-on headdress territory. Right in line with what King Tut or, like, a nun would probably choose if they were told to dress up as Slimer for Halloween. Look how nicely it frames the face, and how easy it makes putting together a costume this year. All you need is a buddy with some tan coveralls and a proton backpack and your work is done.

For added effect, and to improve your chances of getting the dudes schmoozing the ladies you would like to hit on to go away, get a few jars of glow-in-the-dark slime. A little in the hair, a little in the drink, a little dribbled down the front of the pants...better go take care of that in the bathroom, tool dressed as Jaime Lannister.

The Slimer Mask is a top Dude Gift for Halloween pick.

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