Ewok/Chewie Costume

Posted: August 07, 2012
Ewok/Chewie Costume

I'm not sure Crissy Baker's handmade costume looks exactly like a Star Wars Ewok, but definitely something in the ursine family that appears to be cute and cuddly, but will probably inflict bodily harm if I try to give it a bear hug. Maybe that explains Baker's inclusion of a hand painted bandolier in each purchase as well--just in case wearers prefer to don the snarl of Chewbacca along with the fuzzy faux fur A-line dress. Sexy Endor-dweller or foxy Wookiee, it's your choice. In addition to the dress and bandolier, Ewok/Chewie costumes include a pair of calf-high brown fur shoe covers and an ultra-suede red hoodie with ears.

Whether bedecking a Star Wars fangirl, or just a practical young lady who doesn't want to freeze her ass off this Halloween, the Ewok/Chewie dress-up duo is sure to put an exclamation mark on individualism, and distinguish its wearer from the masses of nurses, Catwomen, and zombies blending together at the big costume extravaganza and trick-or-treat bash.

Baker sews her costumes to order, so be sure to allow 3 weeks for fabrication and shipment. Following a purchase, buyers will be contacted for sizing and measurement specifications.

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