Digital Dudz Animated Smartphone Costumes

Posted: October 12, 2013
$29.95 - $64.95
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Digital Dudz are back for Round 2 of their wildly popular animated, smartphone-enhanced Halloween costumes. 2013 designs are housed in infrastructures with lower profiles than the 1.0 versions', making them simpler to install and less cumbersome against the wearer's chest. Pouches sized to fit phones either built into the costume's pre-designed T-shirt, or standalone for easy insertion into your own shirt, help project apps of rolling eyeballs and exposed, bloody, pulsating hearts, the latter of which has additional settings for outpouring snakes, maggots, gears, and a tarantula.

Custom-created costume shirts complementing the apps include Frantically Moving Eyeball, with eyelids safety pinned wide open, Flesh iWound, situated against a blood-smeared button-down, Beating Heart Muscle Morphsuit, Frantic Zombie Eyeballs, Haunted Mansion Portrait (Scooby-Doo style), and Zipper iWound.

Latex pouches will hold any mobile device, and each costume includes complete video instructions for assembly and app use.

Thanks to David for the Dude Product Tip.

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