Demon Hooves Heel Less Boots

Posted: October 13, 2012
Demon Hooves Heel Less Boots
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I guess I can kind of see now why some people are turned on by goats. Oonacat's Demon Hooves, a pair of spiked, knee-high boots with cloven foot pads in place of typical toes and heels are pretty sick. I mean in the good way, not in the goat-sodomizing way. To get the hooves' full effect, and for proof that A) it is possible to move in them without toppling over and B) women deserve a medal made of Leprechaun gold, plus an 8lb bag of Lucky Charms marshmallows for the shit they go through to look hot, check out the video of Oonacat rockin' her living room hallway in them.

Oonacat has several variations on hoofed boots in her Etsy shop--plus some pretty realistic demon horns and cat ears--but these, part of her Epic Hooves line, are new for 2012. She is mum on the materials used, but promises they are all hand-forged to be as durable as they are striking. The bottoms are even designed to leave animal tracks in the dirt wearers walk through...or men they walk all over. Note that Demon Hoof pricing is for the hoof materials only. Clients supply the upper part of the boot based on their personal tastes and preferences. Custom choices also left up to buyers include:

  • Boot theme and details (e.g., Gothic, gory, godlike).
  • Details of the solid, one piece arch support.
  • Fetlock (ankle) detailing, which flows seamlessly from the arch.
  • Details of seamless flow of the hoof into the shoe upper
  • Design of handmade claw spikes, pictured running up the back of the heel and calf.
  • Paint colors (custom).

Gel inserts are also included with the boots for comfort.

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