Cardboard Samurai Costume

Posted: June 11, 2019
Cardboard Samurai Costume
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You've heard of Christmas in July, but how about Halloween in June? Yeah, me either, but this cardboard samurai costume makes me want to start the trend. It's even summer-ready, made entirely of paper products instead of, like, steel and leather armor.

The deconstructed and pimped out cardboard box arrives as a kit, with notched parts you'll bend and combine to form a complete, 9-piece, head-to-toe samurai costume. Even if you're not looking to fake Halloween, it's not too early to get your costume nailed (folded) down. You could also don the shogun look for San Diego Comic-Con, or any upcoming cosplay festivals and events.

Having recently seen these Samurai Bottle Helmets, I feel like medieval Japan is calling to me. Better in cardboard box costume than in 1:4 scale Edo armor form though, given the prices of each.

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