Caged Animal Gorilla Costume

Posted: October 02, 2014
Caged Animal Gorilla Costume
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Its vendors describe this gorilla toting a human around in a cage as "the most incredible adult costume you've ever seen." And while the only way that statement could be even remotely true is if Kate Upton were wearing it...topless...I will say "Get Me Outta This Cage" is not the least incredible adult costume I've ever seen. That award goes to Mr. Spice Rack.

The caged animal being hauled around by a gorilla cleverly slides his bottom half into the ape's waist-down section, while his top half juts out from BoBo's mid-section in through the back side of the bars. Yes, I agree. It looks almost as uncomfortable as actually curling up and sitting in the cage.

Included in this costume package are the full gorilla suit, the bamboo-esque holding cell, and a set of fake knee inserts to complete the prisoner's lower body. Assembly is required.

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