Biomechanical Spinal Armor

Posted: October 08, 2013
Biomechanical Spinal Armor
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JP Rishea of Bionic Concepts has created a bit of a name for himself in the cyber/steampunk gadgetry world. From his exo-gauntlet to his gas-powered LED wings, Rishea's designs always emerge as strangely tasty meals for the eyes. And this full-length biomechanical spinal armor does nothing to stray from the Bionic Concepts style with its glowing vertebrae, neck brace collar, and respirator mask. Wear it to become a slayer of aliens, mutants, and supernatural beasts, or give it to your mama and the next time you step on a crack, her back will stay intact.

Bionic Concepts also makes the biomechanical spinal armor in a heartbeat reactive model with LEDs or flat panel lights. This twist senses the wearer's heartbeat and syncs the lights to it, pulsing them in real time.

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