Bane Coat

Posted: September 10, 2016
Bane Coat
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Who needs a $1,000 Halloween costume? Magnoli Clothiers' Bane Coat should get you off to a good start. Slightly less so if you opt for the Goatskin over the Antique Cowhide construction--that one costs $200 less.

I would definitely buy it even at $825 if contained the Bane life force, rendering me an instant master of physical combat and manipulation. Actually, I'd just take the manipulation part on its own. Why get my hands dirty and break a sweat when I can just talk my way into Brady's suite and the seat next to Gisele? As it stands, though, the Bane Coat is just a military-inspired sheath of leather with full faux fur lining, trim, and collar.

This military-inspired leather great coat features a special antique cowhide with full faux fur lining, trim and collar. The metal buttons and heavily distressed cotton canvas give this jacket a battle worn appearance. It's probably warm, but I'm not sure you could wear it seriously anywhere except maybe Russia and downtown LA on an 80-degree day.

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