Baby Yoda Infant Costume

Posted: September 19, 2020
Baby Yoda Infant Costume
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A baby doesn't typically melt my heart. Baby Yoda does it every single damn time I see him. And a baby dressed in a Baby Yoda infant costume? Well...I don't know that it makes me want to get a baby of my own, but if someone - say, one of my wife's perpetually baby-making cousins - were to shove a baby in a crocheted Baby Yoda ears and gloves and feet set into my arms, I might not immediately say I have mouth herpes to get her to take it back.

Not immediately.

If part of making your Halloween happy this year involves surrounding yourself with babies and Baby Yoda, this loose replica of The Child from The Mandalorian is made of pure hand-woven crochet cotton and fits most infants 0 to 6 months old.

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