Baby Octopus Costume

Posted: April 13, 2022
Baby Octopus Costume
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Yep. That disposition looks about right for a baby in an octopus costume. Sure, you think turning your kid into an 8-legged puffy pink pillow with 0% mobility (albeit 80% protection from bumps and falls) is precious and adorable. But what about the poor kid stuffed inside the Baby Octopus Costume? What do they think? Take a look at the image gallery above, and I think you'll see the progression.

Mama, hi Mama. Goo-goo-ga-ga.

Oh, uppy? Yes, I want uppy. Oh, that feels soft...and squishy. Almost as nice as my Pillow Pets Chewbacca. It's...wha-what's happening, Mama? The plushie is stuck to me. It's...it's everywhere.

Wait, where am I going? Back down? Back down, stuffed inside this octopus? A word and concept I haven't even learned yet? I don't know about this. I'm not sure I like it.

No, scratch that. I am definitely sure I don't like it. And now...now there's a camera in my face? You're taking pics of me buried in a cephalopod for your social media, Mama? WTF? WTF, Mama?! What. The. Actual. WWWAAAHHH!

The Baby Octopus Costume from Grand Budapest Botique is a 47" unisex piece designed to delight parents and devastate children the world over. While an obvious gift for Halloween , the giant squid's two-tone pink plush fabric makes it a top toddler torture choice for Valentine's Day and Easter too.

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