A Christmas Story Leg Lamp Dress

Posted: October 14, 2013
A Christmas Story Leg Lamp Dress

Although this leg lamp looks slightly less frageelay than the iconic Christmas Story bulbed version, I bet if I don a beige cardigan and rub it the wrong way it will drop me like a sack of potatoes and cost a chunk of change in damages nonetheless. Yeah.... I'd be willing to take my chances. Any fashionable, and preferably Italian, women out there interested in a free golden dress and a pair of fishnets?

Note: I hope that ladies with taste impeccable enough to wear this sexy-without-being-slutty costume for Halloween will also go the extra mile to make their grand entrance in a 6-1/2' wooden crate. And, not to be a jackass or anything, but to all female amputees with a sense of humor, I'm pretty sure the leg lamp costume could assist you in sweeping the costume contest circuit this year.

Looking for the actual Christmas Story leg lamp?

Muchas danke to Laughing Squid.

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