G.I. Joe Cologne

Posted: May 30, 2018
G.I. Joe Cologne
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I never considered what a G.I. Joe might smell like. I mean a real G.I. Joe. I know exactly what the G.I. Joes I played with as a kid smelled like: plastic and PB&J. And whatever else was on my hands when I touched them. Not the best scents to bottle into a cologne. And I doubt sweat and dirt, gunpowder and smoke, and the scents surrounding the real men and women of the military loan themselves much better to bottling.

Good thing EastWest Bottlers' G.I. Joe cologne isn't a literal interpretation of G.I. Joe-romas, but a men's scent inspired by, and made as a tribute to American troops, veterans, and the men and women who have sacrificed themselves for our country. Still a tall olfactory order to fill.

EastWest Bottlers describes their G.I. Joe cologne as fresh and woodsy, with hints of orange, smoky flint, red clay, and hickory. The more obvious nod to the US Armed Forces, though, comes in the cologne's visuals: a canteen-style flask bottle wrapped in a military-grade canvas pouch. EastWest says the latter will guard the scent and keep it fresh for years. Cologne purchases also include a "Real American Hero" dog tag, and come in a gift-for-a-man-ready corrugated box.

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