Dark Ride - Theme Park Cologne

Posted: July 05, 2017
Dark Ride - Theme Park Cologne
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In explaining the motivation behind their Dark Ride, a cologne they describe as a scented mashup of Pirates of the Caribbean, Jurassic Park, Splash Mountain, and all of your favorite theme park water rides, fragrance house Xyrena says, "For years, perfume and theme park enthusiasts alike have searched for fragrances that accidentally smell similar to water rides." And I don't think they're joking.

Xryena launched in the summer of 2015 as a revolt against traditional colognes and perfumes. They create scents reflective of pop culture, cult classics, and millennial sensibilities - stuff that sounds like it came from either Bizarro World, April Fool's Day or, given their fragrances' higher-range price points, the Land of Hipster Pretension. Case in point: check out the "cinematic preview" video for Dark Ride above.

With top notes of chlorinated water mingling with theatrical fog and pyrotechnics, Dark Ride cologne might be equal parts odd and enticing, but unlike Play-Doh cologne spray, it seemingly aims to be a fragrance you'd purchase as more than just a gag gift. Admittedly, I haven't smelled it and so can't give an official Ugh, or Huh, Not Bad rating. But given that "atmospheric mildew and damp ozone" round out the cologne's subtle notes, I'm not sure Dark Ride is worth the investment to find out. Amusement park junkies and the water-ride-obsessed may feel differently.

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