Zip-Up Snow Goggle Coats

Posted: October 21, 2012
Zip-Up Snow Goggle Coats

Looking like a bank robber or a rejected design for a Star Wars Stormtrooper has never been easier with Ai Riders on the Storm's hi-tech winter coats. Cutting onions in an igloo toasty and tear-free is now possible too! The zip-ups, available in varying weights and warmths, all include goggles built into their hoods, which affix to wearers' faces upon zipper closure. Hoods are permanently attached, and when open, the polycarbonate lenses rest fashionably bulbously on the shoulders.

Snow Goggle Coats are all ultralight, though warmer versions are patterned with quilted down feather lining ($424) while others are styled as fairer weather nylon jackets with no interior lining ($289). All also include pom poms extending from the peak of their hoods (score!) but these items are detachable in case you feel their inclusion puts you over the cusp of looking like an idiot. The hood, nose, and ear areas have numerous punctures serving as air holes, so if asphyxiation is your thing, sorry dude, you're out of luck here. Ai Riders on the Storm has snow goggle lens replacements available in several shades.

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