WorkRobe - Business on the Top, Comfort on the Bottom

Posted: November 01, 2021
WorkRobe - Business on the Top, Comfort on the Bottom
$70 - $89
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The WorkRobe is for working (from home) women who don't want to put on a stiff collared shirt or itchy sweater for one stupid Zoom call. Or, worse, to sit around stiff and itchy on video conferences all day long. Coined as "Business on top, comfort on the bottom," WorkRobes are a unique take on business casual that combine a bottom half of mid-length bathrobes, with a top half of button-down, cowl neck, or blouse-style shirts appropriate for the office.

WorkRobe's C(omfort)-Suite includes the Button Down Robe, the Cowl Neck Robe, and the Blouse Robe. Available in black or white, the Button Down is made of stretch poplin and lined with fleece to make it actual warm 'n' cozy loungewear, rather than just a shirtdress they're calling a bathrobe. The much thinner Cowl Neck is made of waffle knit, and likely better suited for warm weather (or toasty fireplace) WFH endeavors. It comes in black and gray. The black or white Blouse Robe - which, to be honest, just looks like a normal bathrobe to me - is made of French terry fabric, and features roll tab sleeves. I guess the sleeves are what makes the top look business-y, though unless you're a big time gesturer, it doesn't seem like the bottom half of your arms will see much screen time on a Zoom call.

Each WorkRobe style comes in different sizes and has a different fit, so read up on each before you buy, ladies. You too, dudes, since this hybrid work-loungewear would make a most excellent gift for a woman.

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