UnHide Shleepy Faux Fur Wearable Blanket

Posted: November 25, 2022
UnHide Shleepy Faux Fur Wearable Blanket
$79 - $109
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UnHide, you had me at "Shleepy." The perfect mush-mouth word not only for a faux fur wearable blanket, but to describe my general state of being, and what I say I am before telling my wife I want to shnuggle.

And since she usually replies, "Um, I'm kind of busy reviewing an expert witness report, rearranging the tupperware drawer, and catching up on The Crown," (<--all at once! No joke! How does she do it?!) it's nice to know I have an alternative Shleepy shnuggler in the UnHide Everywear Blanket.

Part robe, part cardigan, part blanket, the Shleepy Everywear Blanket is designed for everything from cocooning on the couch, to walking the dog in the frosty morning air, to establishing some semblance of comfort and coziness on an airplane. UnHide describes the faux polyester fur they use to weave the wearables as both "chinchilla-soft" and "butter soft," appealing to pet lovers and foodies alike, plus anyone looking to buy a gift for one of them this holiday season.

Shleepy Everywear Blankets come in standard and plus sizes, and 4 different colors.

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