UFO Raincoat

Posted: December 28, 2019
UFO Raincoat
$4.19 - $14.97
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Bow down to the grandma rockin' the UFO Raincoat. What an honor it must be to have been selected to model this hot piece of haute couture. And the designer of the inclement-weather-thwarting flying saucer! Please tell me he's following in the footsteps of Ellen and the Jenner sisters and coming out with a line for Wal-Mart.

The UFO Raincoat is a hands-free, wearable umbrella that secures to your body like a backpack, with 2 elastic bands under the shoulders. I imagine when it gets raining really good, with water cascading in curtains down the edges of the encircling disc, in addition to a UFO you could also pass for a jellyfish or gaudy chandelier.

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