Top Gun Onesie

Posted: September 13, 2014
Top Gun Onesie

Take my breath away is right. This Top Gun jumpsuit does it in the comfort of 100% French terry cotton too. So soft, according to maker OnePiece, I won't even know it's there. And really, how long will it be there once the ladies get a load of my Maverick onesie? Imagine the "foreign relations" we could all keep up with the help of a pair of pajamas modeled after the best of the best. Imagine the Polaroids....

Officially the Aviator Onesie, the lightweight (250 gsm) nod to one of the top 3 films of my childhood features military patches and embroidery, 4 front pockets with metal zippers, side cargo pockets on the legs, and, in HUGE print on the back: I feel the need, the need for sleep. OK, that's pretty cheesy. But come on, so is the entirety of Top Gun. I still love it.

Top Gun adult onesies come in sizes XXS through XL and are suitable for both males and females. The pictured Jump is in color Jungle Green. A Navy version is also available.

OnePiece Clothing is a Norwegian company started by 3 friends, Henrik, Knut, and Thomas, who wanted to make a chill-out, hangover day sweatsuit without the tight waistband and illusion that you might be wearing it to go jogging. The OnePiece onesie, or Jump, is their result. Self-proclaimed a "global movement of slackers", the guys' loungewear is now available worldwide from over 1,000 retailers, plus their online store.

Muchas danke to Fashionably Geek.

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