The Traxedo - Tuxedo Track Suits

Posted: January 19, 2017
The Traxedo - Tuxedo Track Suits
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Ahhh, Traxedo. The perfect response to the next time my girlfriend tells me to put on some nice clothes and take her to the (obscenely overpriced) wine & tapas bar. Ahhh, Traxedo. The polyester penguin suit that will drape me in casual refinement, and give me instant street cred at the blackjack table in Vegas. At least until they see me play a few hands. And ahhh, Traxedo. Should there ever come a day I walk down any aisle that doesn't lead to my recliner seat in a stadium seating movie theater, I'll see you then too.

Traxedo tuxedo track suits are for those who seek style, but have no real inclination to find it. Because they'd rather be comfortable than fashionable, and if they can also be dressed to break into a jog or a Run DMC song at any moment, even better.

Traxedo suits come with a zip-front jacket sporting a tuxedo design and Velcro-secured bowtie that partially tears away when the formal portion of the evening ends. They also include a pair of track pants with a tux/Traxedo leg line. Suits come in classic black, Flamingo Pink, Irishman Green, Dutchman Orange, Bubble Blue, and The Red Dragon.

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