Stealth Wear - Counter Surveillance Clothing

Posted: January 21, 2013
Stealth Wear - Counter Surveillance Clothing

Privacy crusader Adam Harvey builds off of his last experiment with fashion as a means of confidentiality, CV Dazzle, with a new line of counter surveillance clothing termed Stealth Wear. While the CV Dazzle system focused on natural methods of camouflaging facial features from computer vision, Stealth Wear garments aim to elude a variety of sophisticated surveillance equipment and techniques.

Harvey's Stealth Wear collection, created in conjunction with fashion designer Johanna Bloomfield, tackles some seriously scrutinizing modern-day technology, including:

  • Thermal imaging, such as that used by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The Stealth Wear suite's anti-drone hood and anti-drone scarf are able to thwart this detection tactic by reducing their wearers' thermal profile, as depicted in the featured photo above. The middle images show what infrared cameras can normally detect--essentially, human body temperature, even in the dark. The images on the far right represent the hood's effect of "falsifying" IR recognition by reflecting a temperature gradient untrue to a traditional human heat signature.
  • X-ray radiation. Designed in the shape of a heart, the XX-shirt shields this most precious part of the human body from dangerous beams of the alphabet's antepenultimate letter.
  • Cell phone tracking. The Off Pocket is an anti-phone accessory allowing users to zero out their phone's signal.

Though still in experimental stages, Harvey plans to release Stealth Wear testing videos examining the clothing's technology, counter technology, and his refinement process as he works to make the garments available for public use.

Suggested via Dude Product Tips by Jack. Thanks, Jack.

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